Derk and Julia Van Wilpe are an European trained highly respected engineer and architect team with vast experience in developments in Costa Rica.

Derk's 35 years of construction and design experience, with his own companies, is culminating in Parque Montaña del Sol's combined concepts of integrating a sophisticated underground telephone and electrical system with sensitive road planning, landscaping and tropical planting.

Derk belongs to one of the old european families established in Costa Rica.

Julia holds a professor degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (UACA) in climatic design, design and design theory. She is Vice-President of the Architects and Engineers Chamber of Private Consultants.

Julia is running her own architectural and consulting firm and has obtained several international awards for projects like hotels, housing and developments designed by her. Parque Montaña del Sol is one of them and specifically the home of the creator of the sculptures on the mountain. She can assist you by planning and creating your own dream home and assist on construction supervision.


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